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‘Address mountain specificities better in the future Cohesion Policy’

It is time to really implement territorial cohesion and pay special attention to mountain areas, as emphasised in the article 174 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. In June 2017, more than 100 mountain actors from all over Europe met in Brussels to participate in a conference on “Cohesion Policy in mountain areas:

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UE a trecut Prutul. Până la Nistru

“UE a trecut Prutul”, a declarat Presedintele Romaniei, Traian Basescu. Semnarea acordului de asiociere are semnificatii nu numai din perspectiva romanilor de pe ambele maluri ale Prutului legate forta si atractivitatea UE. Dupa baltici, alte state postsovietice aleg optiunea europeana. Tari precum Moldova, Georgia sau Azerbaidjan pot deveni State Membre ale UE. Comparatie cu evolutia

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Frozen Riga

Meteorologists announced that Siberian cold will reach portions of western and northern mainland Europe, especially from mid-winter on. Much of the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, and the Baltic states are expected to have below-average temperatures this season. Far from connecting low temperatures with both climate change skeptics or environmental catastrophe preachers,

A Shepherd’s Environmental Angsts

I already had prepared the question “have you applied for agri-environmental measures? You know, there are the measures in the EU Common Agricultural Policy such as Measure no. 214 that gets you at least 100 Euros per hectare of lawn maintenance. ” The shepherd has already demanded compensations via EU agri-environment measures, and my infatuation

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Lehman Brothers should pay for climate change

I get this a whole lotta times, sometimes with a heavy load of accountant’s dedication to numbers, mere stupidity or as a joke. It goes like this:   – How much does climate change cost? (if we ain’t doin’ jack…) – Uhmm, well, according to Mr. Stern, you know, the guy with the Stern report

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