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Lithuania. Basketball as Resistance against Oppression

“In Siberia we built a regulation basketball court. Basketball allowed us to have dignity, to retain our sense of humanity. How did I survive? Basketball. It gave me a lot. They didn’t bury me.” These are the words of Juozas Butrimas, a Siberian Gulag survivor from the 1950s. The whole sports club Zalgiris in Kaunas

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Liudas Alseika, Tragic Tourer on Two Wheels

  In late 1950s he was preparing the first trans-Siberian bicycle ride. The world already knew a bunch of cycle-tourers, but this endeavor was quite special. Liudas Alseika, an aggro-engineer, traveler, teacher and a veteran of sustainable tourism had already organized his crowning activity, a bike ride from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

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Florestania: Amazonian Social Development

I am currently dealing with land grabbing, biofuels, Indirect Land Use Change and their enormous carbon footprint. Naturally, Brazil is a rather vicious example of weak state submission to corporate power. I just want the readers of 2C to get a glimpse toward a beautiful and sustainable part of Brazil, its socio-environmental facet. I wrote