Copenhagen 2009, the Big Circus

Climate chaos started in Copenhagen. Delegates, journalists and activists who appeared in increasing numbers in the Danish capital to attend the end of the summit gave headaches to  authorities. The government has mobilized more than half of its police packs. The quiet streets of Copenhagen came to be blocked by police forces because protests sprung out spontaneously.

2Celsius prepared an exhibition to disclose with mere image narratives what happened in Copenhagen at the COP15. Mihai Stoica, the photographer, has been unveiling all layers of a global flop.

17. marsul climatic (copenhaga, danemarca)

The images were taken by Mihai Stoica, the only Romanian photographer who covered the COP in December 2009.

Based in Belgium, Mihai graduated Communication Sciences at the Ecological University in Bucharest. He started to flirt with the press photography after he followed in 2005 a photojournalism course at the Centre for Independent Journalism under the tutelage of Emanuel Tanjala, a renowned Romanian photographer. In 2007 he began working for the environmental magazine Green Report, where he united his passion for ecology to photojournalism. During this time, he made a series of photo reportages on environmental themes, and in 2008 he became self-employed, with collaborations with a series of publications, including National Geographic and Discovery Romania.