Promoting gender balance and the empowerment of women in the UNFCCC process

At COP18 in Doha, Parties adopted Decision 23/CP.18 – ‘Promoting gender balance and improving the participation of women in UNFCCC negotiations and in the representation of Parties in bodies established pursuant to the Convention or the Kyoto Protocol’.

The June 7 lunchtime event will bring together Parties, observers, UN System entities, experts, civil society representatives and other stakeholders to share insights and discuss efforts to  strengthen gender balance, enhance the empowerment of women in the UNFCCC process, and advance gender-sensitive climate policy. The event will also mark the launch of a desk research conducted by UN Women and MRFCJ on “Advancing the goal of gender balance in multilateral and intergovernmental processes”.

As reflected in the attached draft programme, this event seeks to spark an engaging dialogue, including a moderated Questions and Answers session.  We would encourage your active participation by sharing your experiences in addressing gender balance and women’s empowerment in your own climate policy and practice.

We appreciate the many demands on your time during the negotiations, but hope that you will join us for this dynamic discussion on how to promote gender balance and women’s empowerment in the UNFCCC process. A light lunch will be served before the event from 12.30 – 13.00.

See the Program for more information.

Nathalie Eddy
Coordinator, Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA)


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