Bikes are there!

// 22 September 2010 // Uncategorized

I found the meaning of life. For tomorrow we will have to adjust pedals and saddles all day. The whole project rocked; now the kids have their 30 bikes. On Friday we’ll have the official celebration with the mayor, the manager of the bicycle factory (DHS), the school director, parents, and some local journalists.

DHS agreed to this beautiful project, Orange also sponsored, however, most of all, our donors and supporters are the ones that made the project rock!!! Without our buddies supporting us and ensuring that that this charity was the good cause or backing-up clear-cut environmental concepts that we put forth(remember ‘green jobs’, ‘alternative transport’, ‘access to environmental education’?) this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you all!


Truck arrives in front of the school

DHS truck gets unloaded

30 bikes inside the dorm

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