Title: Delivering the EU-2030 and long term climate objectives in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (CES), with a specific focus on transport

Funder: European Climate Initiative (EUKI), dependant on the German Ministry for Environment (BMUB) and the German Development Agency (GIZ)

Value: EUR 13,261

Timeframe: December 2017 – May 2019


The project sought to create coalitions in Romania and Eastern Europe related to cars and CO2 in the framework of the new European updates in the emission related legislation and the foundation of the EU Green Deal.

Health twist. 2C partnered up with the Romanian Health Observatory and with the Clean air initiative. These two movements dealt mainly with air quality, however, 2C brought about the climate change discussion.

Fuels. 2C formed “cars & clean air” ad-hoc coalition consisting of 2C, WWF Romania, Greenpeace Romania and Bankwatch: promoted road charging, opposed schemes such as ‘cash for clunkers’, forwarded T&E studies and analyses. 2C coupled with WWF Romania in order to bring about tougher emission standards for different fuels (with a focus on biofuels and biomass) in the context of the late transposition of the new RED in Romanian legislation. This has been done via two Ordinances and a Government’s Decision. Naturally, 2C took part in the Ministry of Energy and ministry of environment’s public consultation on transposition.

2C initiated cooperation with the Association of Romanian Towns: the organisation is still outlining a set of best practices for e-mobility combined with public procurement recommendations for public transports.

EV uptake. 2C demanded to support state incentives for purchasing electric vehicles, as well as to revoke any funding for other fossil fuel burning cars.

Long haul mobility. 2C held several meetings and discussions with the Romanian hauliers representatives, exchanged views and briefings and, for the first time, we are getting close to a deal that will involve support for truck standards from an organization with over 3000 members country-wide, a deal that we will use to pull other stakeholders and push for a Romanian position supporting the implementation of strong standards for tractor trailers.

2C also outreached to electric mobility businesses: UBER, New Kopel Group etc.